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Exness at the ProductCamp conference

Exness at the ProductCamp conference

March 2023


The ProductCamp conference took place in Limassol, Cyprus, and featured 50+ speakers across 3 stages over 2 days. Our Machine Learning Engineer, Roman Smirnov, gave a presentation on "Exploring the World of Chatbots: What's under the hood" where he provided a general overview of chatbots and showed how some Natural Language Processing technologies can be applied to business tasks. The presentation also included real experiments performed at Exness.

Exness Machine Learning Meetup

Exness Machine Learning Meetup

December, 2022


We held a Machine Learning meetup at our office in Portobello and gathered ML and DS professionals from all over Cyprus. Pavel Pleskov and Nikita Benkovich talked about the Trojan Detection Challenge featured at the largest Machine Learning conference, NeurIPS, and shared the highlights of the contest and the solutions that led them to victory. Aleksei Shchetinin, Data Scientist at Wrike, gave a presentation on the challenges of applying Machine Learning in Work Management Software and shared his experience with solving project management issues using data.

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