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Our commitment to long-term growth and intellectual excellence guides our research.

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Technology and machine learning play a huge part in today’s financial services industry. Exness Research is all about scientific discovery and innovation that can help teams from every department increase efficiency.

As an international research community in one of the world’s fastest growing online industries, we can learn from hundreds of thousands of global users and unlock new innovations. We experiment while maintaining reliability and solve problems that other companies dare not consider.

Our commitment to long-term growth and intellectual excellence guides our research.

Exness Research at the forefront

Being a scientific business resource for Exness means following fast-changing practices in data analysis and machine learning. We keep updated on the latest trends, taking part in scientific conferences, and publishing articles. Our research center plans to cooperate with academic professionals from all over the world and connect with Universities in preparation for the next Exness Research Summit in Cyprus.

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Research in action

Technology is the key to offering greater efficiency. We explore scalable out-of-the-box ideas that serve our company and clients. We first develop a hypothesis, rigorously test it, analyze the reported data, draw conclusions, and then review the concept again. Only when approved by multiple teams do we integrate a concept into our product, and this is why our product reliability and efficiency is so celebrated. Today, over 30 teams including Marketing, People, Anti-fraud, Payments, Trading, and Support are managing and enhancing our product & services with automated processes and cutting-edge technology. Together, we facilitate a safer trading venue, better pricing, reliable order execution, faster money transfers, and client satisfaction.

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We use data and scientific methods to optimize Exness' efforts and maximize value for our clients”

Denis Kravchenko Chief Data Officer

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